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Hotel Termag is located on the Jahorina mountain, 28 km southeast of Sarajevo and 12 km south of Pale.

There are several ways to get to and from the hotel:

Hotel transportation

You can arrange transportation to and from Hotel Termag directly with the hotel.  This is a good option if you are traveling with a group and would like to share the cost of the ride. The hotel has several vehicles available and they can pick up or drop of at the Sarajevo airport or in Sarajevo itself.  More details, including the number to call to arrange a ride, are available here.

Rates per vehicle are

  • passenger car, 3 person maximum, 60 KM
  • passenger van, 8 people maximum, 90 KM
  • shuttle bus, 23 people maximum, 200 KM


There are several taxicab companies operating in Sarajevo.  The rate from the airport is about 35 KM.

Two possibilities are

  • Crveni Taxi: +387 33 760 600
  • Sarajevo Taxi: +387 33 15 15

Car rental

There are various car rental companies operating in Sarajevo, and many of them have cars available at the airport. Some examples are Avis and Europcar.
Here is a website that searches for the best deals among several companies.

Hotel Termag - Jahorina

Hotel Termag - Jahorina

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