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Abstracts (for non-technical symposia) are due April 10, 2018 and papers (for technical symposia) are due March 31, 2018.

All symposia are listed below.  The procedure for submission of abstracts/papers is different for technical and non-technical symposia.  Abstracts that are accepted to the conference will be listed in the book of abstracts along with short biographies of the presenters.

Papers submitted to the technical symposia must be written in English, while the abstracts for the non-technical symposia can be written either in English or in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. The presentations can be delivered in either English or in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian regardless of the symposium, although we encourage presentations in English so that the attendees from other countries can follow them.

We strongly encourage interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary presentations.  We also encourage  submissions from young researchers and professionals, and especially from women.

For technical symposia, click on the appropriate symposium below for instructions on how to submit a paper. The organizers will decide whether your presentation should be 15 minutes or shorter or whether your abstract and paper would be better served by being included in the poster session.

For non-technical symposia, you need to fill out the abstract submission form. The form will give you the option to select more than one symposium in case you are not sure which one your abstract is most appropriate for.  Further, if you would like to present at the conference but cannot find an appropriate symposium, you can still submit an abstract and select “not sure” as your choice; the organizers will in that case try to find the most appropriate symposium for you.

To submit an abstract for a non-technical symposium, please, follow this link.

Here is the list of symposia:

Medical Specialties:

Selected high-quality presentations in medical specialties will be invited for publication in Acta Medica Academica.

  • International Symposium on Cardiology
  • International Symposium on Cardiovascular Surgery
  • International Symposium on Family Medicine
  • International Symposium on General Abdominal Surgery
  • International Symposium on Intensive Care Medicine
  • International Symposium on Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery
  • International Symposium on Oncology and Pathology
  • International Symposium on Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery
  • International Symposium on Pediatrics
  • International Symposium on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences:

  • International Symposium on Special and General Education
  • International Symposium on Early Childhood Development
  • International Symposium on Psychiatry and Psychology

For technical symposia, click on the appropriate symposium below for instructions on how to submit a paper.

Technical Sciences:

All papers accepted and presented at one of the technical sciences symposia will be published in a volume of conference proceedings. For proceedings from prior conferences, please follow this link.

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